St. Elmo's fire

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St. Elmo’s fire

glow of electrical discharge appearing on towers and ships’ masts. [Physics: EB, VIII: 780]
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Kelley did the cover art for the St. Elmo's Fire album "Desperate Years" in 1992.
Just as I'd experienced with St. Elmo's fire, tiny purple sparks jumped from under my fingernails to the windshield.
St. Elmo's Fire has somewhat of a chartreuse edge to it, so it's not likely to be found in a farmhouse.
Garrity describes the movie as "St. Elmo's Fire" meets "The Wizard of Oz" meets "Dog Day Afternoon."
Perceptions--Ahab capturing St. Elmo's Fire viewed as something supernatural.
After the flight and rededicated study of Weather for Aircrews, I realized that St. Elmo's Fire is often a precursor to either a lightning strike or electro-static discharge.
She nails tone after tone, with a special feel for the self-mockery that plays like St. Elmo's fire in even the most aggressive Sallean dramas.
So, in my own mind, I eliminated most natural effects, such as St. Elmo's fire, ignis fatuus, ball lightning, electrostatic effects of various kinds, atmospheric resonances due to lightning discharges, and upper atmosphere auroras caused by solar or geomagnetic storms, or peculiar optical effects which haven't yet been fully characterized.
Castor and Polydeuces became patron gods of mariners, appearing in St. Elmo's fire. In late myth, they were identified as the constellation Gemini.
An early hit -- the 1985 movie "St. Elmo's Fire" -- cemented Lowe's status as a member of the Brat Pack, a term pulled from a New York magazine story that described the 20-somethings who appeared in that film and/or "The Breakfast Club." In his first memoir, he called the article a "sneak-attack, mean-spirited hatchet job," but he acknowledges that the term has lost most of its negative connotation and now uses it freely while discussing those years.
Hollywood, CA, May 10, 2017 --( After several delays and lineup changes California based metal band St. Elmo's Fire has started recording their 5th studio album "Across the Nations." Their first since 1992.