St. George's Channel

St. George’s Channel


or the South Canal, a channel between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland linking the South Irish Sea with the Atlantic Ocean. Width, approximately 74 km at its narrowest point; depth, 82-113 m in navigable areas. The speed of channel currents varies around 2.8-6.5 km/hr.

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During these years Swift corresponded with friends in England, among them Pope, whom he bitterly urged to 'lash the world for his sake,' and he once or twice visited England in the hope, even then, of securing a place in the Church on the English side of St.
Mating Ladys Guest was a considerable coup for Top Honcho, because as the dam of Toms The Best and a host of open winners from two litters by Frightful Flash, she is the best-known brood bitch on either side of St.
Waterford, Come On Ranger is enjoying good fortune on both sides of St.
Meanwhile, Come On Ranger has made a flying start to the 1999 campaign on both sides of St.