Saint John's College

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Saint John's College,

at Annapolis, Md., and Santa Fe, N.Mex.; coeducational; founded 1696 as King William's School, chartered 1784, opened 1786 as St. John's College. The Santa Fe campus was opened in 1964. Its curriculum is built around the "great books" program advocated by the educator R. M. HutchinsHutchins, Robert Maynard,
1899–1977, American educator, b. Brooklyn, N.Y., studied at Oberlin College, grad. Yale, 1921, taught in the Yale law school (1925–27), and served as dean (1927–29). He became president of the Univ.
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With degrees from Cambridge and Uppsala, and Anglican ordination, he served several parishes in England, was a tutor at St.
The executive archdeacon of the Anglican diocese of New Westminster, Douglas Fenton, has been conferred an honorary doctor of divinity by St.
Results: Year 8 Boys: Winners - Whitchurch School, Cardiff; Runners up - Bassaleg, Newport; Year 8 Girls: Winners - Cardiff High, Cardiff; Runners up - Stanwell School, Penarth; Year 10 Boys: Winners - St.
The panel included Reverend Professor David Wilkinson, Principal of St.
The venue is the Francis Scott Key Auditorium at St.
Trees are witnesses to history and symbols of strength and endurance, and no tree better symbolized those traits than Maryland's Liberty Tree, which stood on the grounds of St.
Tracing the history of government control over the US environment since the 1840s, Harmond and Curran (history, St.
Along with his Cambridge contemporary, Thomas Legge, whose Latin tragedy of Richardus Tertius was performed at St.
This collection of historical essays was published in honor of Jack Langton (emeritus research fellow, St.
he also served as parish priest in rural eastern Ontario and as a chaplain at St.
Deborah Gangloff: I recently read your article "Special Trees" featuring the Liberty Tree that graced the St.