St. Johns

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St. John’s


a city in eastern Canada, capital of the province of Newfoundland. Population, 132,000 (1971). A port on the Atlantic Ocean, St. John’s is the chief economic and cultural center of the island of Newfoundland. Industry includes the processing of fish, which employs one-third of the industrial work force, and ferrous metallurgy, metalworking, oil refining, and ship repair. The city serves as the base for a fishing fleet.

St. John’s


a city and capital of the British possession of Antigua; located in the West Indies on the island of Antigua. Population, 25,000 (1967). St. John’s is a port, exporting sugar, cotton, and petroleum products. Industry includes the production of sugar, rum, and petroleum products and cotton ginning.

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Kristoff St. John, an actor best known for his longtime role on the popular soap opera "The Young and the Restless," has died at 52.
3, where St. John was found, Detective Meghan Aguilar told The Washington Post.
Healthy perimenopausal women with typical climacteric symptoms and not on HRT for at least the previous 3 months were given a 264 mg tablet containing 0.364 mL of extract from black cohosh equivalent to 1 mg terpene glycosides and 84 mg of St. Johns wort extract with 0.25 mg hypericin.
St. John's Wort products and extracts have been used for a wide range of medical conditions, the most common being depressive disorders.
St. Johns was born in Los Angeles in 1929, the son of writer Adela Rogers St.
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The Academic Computing Initiative (ACI), the laptop program at St. John's University in New York City, began in fall 2003 with the distribution of more than 3,000 laptops.
By using scanners connected in real time to the administrative system, St. John's "could determine a student's eligibility to receive a laptop, link a specific laptop to a student [during] distribution, register the laptop on the wireless network, and provide the student with a login and password to St.
"It was a painful sight," the Pensacola Gazette reported, "to see them parting from their friends and native country to seek homes in a foreign land." St. Johns County lost almost half its free black population in a five year period, as their numbers declined from 164 in 1845 to only 86 in 1850.
In St. Johns County they petitioned the territorial council in 1823, wrote letters to newspaper editors, and sought justice in the courts.
An analysis of the relationship between the modality preferences of kindergartners and selected reading treatments as they affect the learning of a basic sight-word vocabulary (Doctoral dissertation, St. John's University, 1980).