St. Louis

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St. Louis


a city in the central USA, in the state of Missouri; situated on the Mississippi River, below the Mississippi’s confluence with the Missouri River. Population, 560,000(1975; 2.4 million including suburbs).

A major industrial, commercial, and transportation center of the region between the Great Lakes and the West Coast, St. Louis is an important river port. Manufacturing employs 260,000 people (1973; approximately 300,000 in 1969), and mining, 3,000. The principal industries are machine building, the production of chemicals, and the food and light industries. The leading branches of the machine building industry are the aerospace industry and the production of electrical-engineering, radio-electronic, and transportation equipment and farm machinery. Oil is refined and a variety of chemicals are produced; there is also ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy. Light industry is represented by the production of leather and footwear, clothing, and fur goods, and the food industry by meat processing, flour milling, and beer brewing. Most of the oil refineries and chemical and metallurgical plants are located in the suburbs (East St. Louis, Granite City), on the left bank of the Mississippi. Lead ore is mined in the vicinity.

St. Louis has two universities. The city was founded by the French in 1764.


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"We opened in 1991 without the standard St. Louis bar necessities," Kopman said.
Like many Midwestern regions, St. Louis' economy was driven by traditional manufacturing and distribution capabilities throughout much of the 20th century.
Fleming, president of the St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association and a leader in getting the Missouri Legislature to pass the credit explains: "The total new investment in downtown is almost $5 billion.
ReSource St. Louis was originally founded as the St.
They have snagged several lucrative contracts, including building a portion of the Toyota plant in Indianapolis, two Walgreens stores in St. Louis, a new branch of the National City Bank of Missouri, and a new interior for the American Airlines terminal at Lambert-St.
According to reports from the AP and NBC affiliate KSDK-TV in St. Louis, a donor paid the airfare for Mawarni, her mother, and an interpreter to travel to St.
A hotel building boom has transformed the downtown St. Louis lodging package:
As a wildlife preservationist, Lux was involved with the St. Louis Zoo at several levels, including chairman of the Zoo Commission and member of the board of trustees.
has received the 2004 Recycling Award from the St. Louis Metropolitan Chapter of the National Association of Environmental Management (NAEM).
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As of July 24, 2004, the Little Rock office of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis no longer processes checks, and banks served by that office for check-processing purposes have been reassigned to the Reserve Bank's Memphis office.
In December 2003 Bishop Raymond Burke of La Crosse (since promoted as Archbishop of St. Louis) censured local "pro-choice" legislators (C.I., Feb 2004, p.

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