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Patrick, Saint


Born at the end of the fourth century: died in the mid-fifth century. Founder and first bishop of the Catholic Church in Ireland.

Much of the biographical information about St. Patrick is legend. The historical existence of Patrick himself has been repeatedly disputed. According to information contained in works ascribed to him, Patrick was born in Britain, ordained in Gaul, and began to preach Christianity in Ireland in the 430’s. He was canonized by the Catholic Church (March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day). He is considered Ireland’s apostle and patron saint, and St. Patrick’s Day is a national holiday in Ireland.


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* The wearing of green on St. Patrick's Day has come to mean you are invisible to leprechauns.
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St. Patrick's Day is a bank holiday in Northern Ireland and a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland.
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St. Patrick's Day would become my family's special holiday, as unfailingly celebrated as Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July in our Chicago home.
In a strange turn of events, St. Patrick's Day celebrations in Ireland have been influenced by those in the U.S.
Sober St. Patrick's Day[R] was created as a fresh alternative for those who want to celebrate the holiday in an alcohol-free atmosphere.
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The summer of 2002, however, saw the closure of St. Patrick's seminary, Thurles, Co.
Carolans Irish Cream, Tullamore Dew and Irish Mist, a trio of brands with Irish heritage handled by Allied Domecq, are offering consumers a "Wee Bit 'o Green" with $3, $7 and $15 rebates to help celebrate St. Patrick's Day.