St. Petersburg Peace Treaty of 1762

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St. Petersburg Peace Treaty of 1762


between Russia and Prussia, signed on April 24 (May 5) for Russia by Chancellor M. I. Vorontsov and for Prussia by its envoy Baron Goltz.

The treaty brought to an end a state of war between the two powers. Russia pledged to assist in concluding peace among the individual participants in the Seven Years’ War of 1756–63 (art. 2) and to return to Prussia all lands occupied by Russian troops during the war (art. 6). Russia also agreed to promote the conclusion of a peace treaty between Prussia and Sweden (art. 7). On June 8 (19), 1762, the Russo-Prussian Alliance Treaty was signed, providing for friendship and mutual aid in case of an attack on either party. In conjunction with the coup in Russia that brought Catherine II to the throne, the alliance treaty remained unratified, but the empress left the St. Petersburg Peace Treaty in force, because Russia needed a respite after the war.


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