St. Tryphon's Day

St. Tryphon's Day (Montenegro and Bulgaria) (Trifon Zarezan)

February 1 or February 14 (varies)
The patron saint of gardeners, St. Tryphon is believed to have been born in Phrygia and was put to death by the Roman emperor Diocletian in about 250. Today, he is a popular figure among vine growers in Bulgaria and Montenegro. It is thus appropriate in those countries that St. Tryphon's Day, or Trifon Zarezan, coincides with the beginning of the pruning season in February. Roman Catholics living in other countries observe the saint's day on November 10.
Accompanying the saint's day in Bulgaria and Montenegro is a secular tradition that has developed in the vineyard districts. Seeking a blessing from the saint, growers will sprinkle wine on their vineyards before commencing an evening celebration of feasting and drinking.
Celebrations of a more somber nature take place in the Catholic and Orthodox churches of the two countries. One of the most widely attended ceremonies takes place in the Montenegrin city of Kotor at the Cathedral of St. Tryphon, built in the 12th century in honor of the saint.
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