St. Valentine's Day

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St. Valentine’s Day

(February 14) day of celebration of love. [Western Folklore: Leach, 1153]
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Sivann Botum, secretary of state for Women's Affairs, told Kyodo News that the ministry has produced a 30-minute video aimed at educating youth on the meaning of St.
said backstage at the Grammys that if the baby was not born then, it might be born on St.
The plot, as you remember, involves two musicians - Jerry (Lemmon) and Joe (Tony Curtis) - who witness the St.
PALMDALE - Mothers holding babies and shoppers with bags and cups of coffee were among the St.
Those filled baskets make Easter the second-most popular candy holiday, after Halloween, of the year - outflanking even Christmas and St.
The weekly messages arriving from the Russian town of Obninsk have Angela Giardelli's third-grade class wondering about the cold land of few earthquakes, where St.