St. Valentine's Day

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St. Valentine’s Day

(February 14) day of celebration of love. [Western Folklore: Leach, 1153]
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Sivann Botum, secretary of state for Women's Affairs, told Kyodo News that the ministry has produced a 30-minute video aimed at educating youth on the meaning of St. Valentine's Day within the context of the Khmer culture.
From this Greco-Roman blending of fertility and love, our current St. Valentine's Day developed.
Summary: With St. Valentine's Day not far away car manufacturer Mercedes Benz is marketing a chocolate-themed version of its Smart car in Tokyo.
PARIS -- The archdiocese hopes to steal the thunder from a commercialized St. Valentine's Day with celebrations more attuned to the Catholic values of love, which according to the archbishop of Paris, Andre Vingt-Trois, are "gaiety, longevity and fidelity." On Feb.
Oregon Wine Warehouse - 943 Olive St. Valentine's Day dinner with Oregon wines.