St. Vitus's dance

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St. Vitus's dance:

see choreachorea
or St. Vitus's dance,
acute disturbance of the central nervous system characterized by involuntary muscular movements of the face and extremities. The disease, known also as Sydenham's chorea (not to be confused with Huntington's disease, a hereditary disease of
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Farquhar, from whom I purchased it, had at one time an excellent general practice; but his age, and an affliction of the nature of St. Vitus's dance from which he suffered, had very much thinned it.
She judged it to be a form of St. Vitus's dance, and she feared the extent to which its ravages might go.
She may have overdone the madness gestures in the early scenes--some kind of St. Vitus's Dance, it seemed--but her mad scene near the end was exquisitely realized, believable and sung with the most agile, pure-toned high notes.