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However, the research provided data on stable fly distribution and seasonality, which could make it easier to manage this pest at zoos by predicting the best times to set out traps.
The three larval stages are similar in appearance to stable fly larvae.
The sequence obtained from a stable fly (Stomoxys spp.) collected in the dairy cattle barn was identical to that for B.
"The accumulation of wasted hay, manure, and urine at these feeding sites creates an ideal habitat in the pasture for stable fly larval development," Taylor says.
We have identified the larval gut of the stable fly, Stomoxys calcitrans, as an environmental reservoir for E.
The stable fly can make cattle miserable, and producers have had only limited success in using traditional insecticides against the pest.
Once considered mainly a feedlot pest, the stable fly has extended its reign of terror to the open pasture and rangeland, areas where cattle once grazed virtually unharried by the bloodsucking insect.
Of particular interest were those capable of persisting in cow manure long enough to kill house and stable fly larvae over an entire season.
He conducted control studies on the stable fly and horn fly at the newly opened Kerrville facility.