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1. (in Britain) a department of the national government
2. in the US
a. a governmental agency, esp of the Federal government
b. a subdivision of such an agency or of a department
3. a place where tickets, information, etc., can be obtained
4. Christianity
a. a ceremony or service, prescribed by ecclesiastical authorities, esp one for the dead
b. the order or form of these
c. RC Church the official daily service
d. short for divine office

What does it mean when you dream about an office?

Dreams about one’s place of work may simply indicate that one can’t leave work at the office, has too much to do, or too much on one’s mind. An office is often a symbol of authority and of one’s professional esteem and position in the world. Other kinds of meanings are indicated by the nature of a particular office (e.g., the welfare office, a lawyer’s office).


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Sitting in the corner of the staff room was Jack Royal.
He said that he tried to avoid the older man, but was forced to go to the staff room despite rejecting the offer of a rendezvous.
Jason Keane snuck into a staff room after his appointment at the surgery on Skinner Street, Stockton.
Ms Davies checked the CCTV footage from the store and saw Jones going into the staff room and rifling through bags, pockets and personal possessions for items to steal.
The flat he was in was right next to a staff room, so there is something horrifically wrong with the system if no one heard the baby's screams of agony.
The fire service the blaze broke out at around 1pm in a staff room on the third floor, which houses the cardiology department.
Insider hears staff were forced to shut the store while they controlled the crowds, taking Olly to a staff room upstairs for his own safety.
Young people go into the staff room, they see the fridges.
TWO Championship footballers were yesterday charged with burglary after items were allegedly stolen from a nightclub staff room, police said.
Allens Croft Primary School in Allens Croft Road now has a new main hall, library, kitchen, staff room and classrooms.
Since the staff room is the main area in schools where teachers prepare themselves for teaching, the study investigates the enhancement of FM in millennium school staff rooms and its impact on the working behavior of teachers.
The software builds the master automatically by using all student course request and staff room requests, and then it schedules the students by placing them in class sections.