Staffordshire blue

blue brick, sewer brick, Staffordshire blue

A brick of high strength whose blue color results from firing in a kiln in a flame of low oxygen content.
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Piers of Staffordshire blue brick from the Joseph Hamblett brickworks in West Bromwich supported wrought iron tubular girders and formed the bed for the track.
"I had pneumonia several times, it started in about 2003," said Andrew, who lives in Teesville in Middlesbrough with his wife Jayne, their three blue Staffordshire blue terriers Lola, Bella and Bronson, an aviary of birds and a tank of fish.
Outside there is a low-maintenance garden with reclaimed Staffordshire blue brick patio area, decorative sculptured flowerbeds, original brick wall and panelled fencing.
As part of the design scheme, Dylan Davies specified Baggeridge Brick's Smooth Staffordshire Blue as the most appropriate material to ensure subtle integration and long-term sustainability.
Acup from my mothers Royal Staffordshire Blue and White Dutch design tea-set has a piece missing.
Inside Spotlight's blue metal gates and against the Staffordshire blue brick arch there's a caravan and several gazebos shielding kitchens from the odd spot of rain.
Constructed in the classical fashion of the day it was of the Roman Doric style, and was made up of local red bricks and Staffordshire blue bricks with 11,700 feet of 21-inch glass.
Now the committee has approved a new proposal to use Staffordshire blue brindle bricks in the development.
The brickwork is all in Staffordshire blue engineering bricks: a familiar material in railway viaducts and retaining walls, but not much used for buildings in the Jewellery Quarter.
Though only 20 years old, Roxley House has been extended and rebuilt to a very high specification by the owners, using reclaimed bricks and Staffordshire blue tiles.
Baggeridge's Staffordshire Blue 73mm Engineering bricks were selected to best match the existing brickwork in terms of aesthetic appearance and technical properties.
The brick and sandstone house with its Staffordshire blue tile room, stone copings and ashlar window surrounds presents a period picture in this lovely Derbyshire setting, between the villages of Kedleston and Brailsford.

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