Staked Plain

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Staked Plain:

see Llano EstacadoLlano Estacado
or Staked Plain,
level, semiarid, plateaulike region of the S Great Plains, c.40,000 sq mi (103,600 sq km), E N.Mex. and W Tex., between the Pecos River and the Cap Rock escarpment. The High Plains of the Texas Panhandle (c.
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Stefan Kiesbye; THE STAKED PLAINS; Saddle Road Press (Fiction: Literary) 15.00 ISBN: 9780991395279
Opening at the meeting of two cowboys, Luke Stuart and Tom Schurtz, during the height of the 1877 cattle-trade season, Seven Ox Seven draws the reader into a partnership between the cowboys and Luke's devout wife Elizabeth, with the goal of establishing a ranch at the edge of the Staked Plains, the Llano Estacado, recently (if not completely) vacated by the Comanche.
* Llano Estacado: Spanish for "Staked Plains"; a large, flat, dry expanse of land in the Southwest.