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CMC recorded the deed and paid documentary stamp tax on the full value of the conveyance.
Revenue growth has been strong through the first six months of fiscal 2013, with documentary stamp tax revenues increasing 29% year-over-year, higher than the 20% increase that was forecast.
The stamp tax was imposed while Egypt was endeavoring to complete negotiations with the International Monetary Fund to obtain a USD 4.
As described in this article, the Crescent decision may result in the Florida documentary stamp tax applying to substantially fewer transfers of Florida real estate.
When placing an order, request form number GT-800014, Documentary Stamp Tax Brochure.
First, the gains tax rate of 10 percent is substantially greater than the tax rate used in any stamp tax.
The fate of the stamp tax at the beginning of last week led the EGX to register a low turnover of nearly EGP 450m during the first sessions of the week, amid cautious short term trading.
The stamp tax in Hong Kong embraces a progressive rate scheme.
The department is asking those groups to voluntarily disclose if they have unpaid documentary stamp tax liabilities.
LONG-TERM CREDIT QUALITY: The long-term rating on the documentary stamp tax backed bonds is 'A' with a Stable Rating Outlook, reflecting adequate debt service coverage by an economically sensitive revenue stream derived from real estate and other transactions.
To add insult to injury, TRAIN doubles the documentary stamp tax (60 centavos now from 30 centavos) for every P200 of remittance sent to the Philippines.
However, the sale, barter, transfer and or assignment of shares of stock of publicly-listed companies that fail to meet the MPO is subject to final tax of five percent or 10 percent on the net capital gains, and documentary stamp tax.