Standard Load

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standard load

[′stan·dərd ′lōd]
(design engineering)
A load which has been preplanned as to dimensions, weight, and balance, and designated by a number or some classification.

Standard Load


(in structural mechanics), the maximum load occurring in normal use of buildings and structures. It is used in limit-state structural design. Values for the standard load are usually introduced into calculations for fatigue strength and strains of structures, as well as for cracking and the crack width (in the case of reinforced-concrete structural members, if impermeability is not required).

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It's one of the most versatile powders we have and can be used for target loads, standard loads, even heavy loads if you're careful.
All are very close together strength-wise and should be confined to standard loads. Then comes the Freedom Arms Model 97, Ruger Blackhawk, Ruger Redhawk and Super Redhawk.
Therefore, the nonstationary random load can be approximated by an equivalent random load, whose longitudinal pdf at each moment when the load applies is identical, and the equivalent load at each moment equals the longitudinal standard load [s.sub.0].
Firing latency (time to trigger pull) was increased by about 0.1 seconds with the standard load, and extremity armor added another 0.1 seconds.
Bottom line is, we are now getting the performance of the old Light Magnum loads without the tremendous recoil these loads produced because we can get this performance with a standard load charge weight.
The standard load cell model is available in 17-4 stainless steel, with male threads on both ends and a 10 feet long 28 AWG 4 conductor shielded PVC cable.
Gun manufacturers generally choose a standard load and design their fixed sights so they will fire that load to the point of aim.
* Incorporates a drive level of 50 [micro]W and a standard load capacitance of 8 pF.
The drive level is 50 [micro]W and has a standard load capacitance of 8 pF.
The standard load range for this system is 0 to 15.4 lbs.
Recently introduced by Electro Standards Laboratories, Cranston, R.I., the Materials Tester Upgrade System features the Model 4215 Smart Indicator, an industry standard load cell and extensometer, and the company's Microsoft Excel-compatible DataView software, which provides test statistics, computerized data acquisition, setup, calibration, and color plotting on standard printers.
Switching from the industry standard load sensing system, Pettibone chief engineer Ray McDonald opted to experiment with constant hydraulic pressure.

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