Standard Load

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standard load

[′stan·dərd ′lōd]
(design engineering)
A load which has been preplanned as to dimensions, weight, and balance, and designated by a number or some classification.

Standard Load


(in structural mechanics), the maximum load occurring in normal use of buildings and structures. It is used in limit-state structural design. Values for the standard load are usually introduced into calculations for fatigue strength and strains of structures, as well as for cracking and the crack width (in the case of reinforced-concrete structural members, if impermeability is not required).

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In a different study, the standard load at the high target condition reduced accuracy by about 40 percent compared to the light and standard loads at the forward target, again showing the consequences of heavier loads on high-angle shooting.
Bottom line is, we are now getting the performance of the old Light Magnum loads without the tremendous recoil these loads produced because we can get this performance with a standard load charge weight.
Gun manufacturers generally choose a standard load and design their fixed sights so they will fire that load to the point of aim.
Incorporates a drive level of 50 [micro]W and a standard load capacitance of 8 pF.
The drive level is 50 [micro]W and has a standard load capacitance of 8 pF.
The standard load range for this system is 0 to 15.
the Materials Tester Upgrade System features the Model 4215 Smart Indicator, an industry standard load cell and extensometer, and the company's Microsoft Excel-compatible DataView software, which provides test statistics, computerized data acquisition, setup, calibration, and color plotting on standard printers.
Switching from the industry standard load sensing system, Pettibone chief engineer Ray McDonald opted to experiment with constant hydraulic pressure.
Materials Tester Upgrade System features the ESLSense I-Plus intelligent indicator, industry standard load cell and extensometer and a graphical user interface software package for real-time data plotting, statistics and storage.
Suitable for pitless above ground installation, the scale uses standard load cells which are fully encapsulated within the weighbridge electronics for optimum protection from ice, snow and deck run-off.
has announced that its new Web performance management and testing solutions, including LoadRunner, the industry standard load testing solution, are being used to help ensure that OAG Mobile, a comprehensive travel information database published by OAG, a division of Reed Business Information, meets wireless consumer expectations for performance and reliability.
tailored its standard load programs to meet the unique requirements of the project.

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