standing stones

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standing stones:

see megalithic monumentsmegalithic monument
[Gr.,=large stone], in archaeology, a construction involving one or several roughly hewn stone slabs of great size; it is usually of prehistoric antiquity.
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The Standing Stones of Stenness have seen increasing pressure over recent years.
The Birmingham team discovered evidence for a row of up to 90 standing stones, some of which may have originally measured up to 4.5 metres in height.
Al-Rajajil is a barren plain with groups of standing stones believed to be well over 5,000 years old.
Canadian-born US writer and artist Beeaff explains how ancient standing stones can show people today ways to apply the powerful concentration of life they embody, and to connect with and be enriched by the elements and ideas they suggest.
From rolling hills and golden beaches, soaring sea cliffs and rugged mountain grandeur, the scenery of Wales is as spectacular as its history - from ancient standing stones to ruined Norman castles, picturesque harbours to busy market towns.
Lewis is probably most famous for the Calanais Standing Stones, which predates Stonehenge and Egypt's pyramids.
London, October 3 (ANI): Archaeologists have discovered Stonehenge's 'little sister', dubbed 'Bluehenge', which is located a mile away from Britain's famous circle of prehistoric standing stones.
ARCHAEOLOGISTS have discovered a smaller prehistoric site a mile away from Britain's famous circle of standing stones at Stonehenge.
ARCHAEOLOGISTS have discovered Stonehenge's little sister - just a mile away from the famous circle of standing stones.
When astrophysicist Adam Blake (whose other credits include "Blake's 7") and his teenage son Matthew come to research the standing stones, they discover fascinating and harrowing mysteries hidden in the stones' past.