Stanislaw Dygat

Dygat, Stanisław


Born Dec. 5, 1914, in Warsaw. Polish writer.

After graduating from the Gymnasium, Dygat studied architecture and philosophy at Warsaw (until 1939). In his novels Bodensee (1946), Farewell (1948), The Journey (1958), and Disneyland (1965), Dygat exposes philistine morality and falsehood in public and private life and sympathetically portrays the inner world of the “ordinary” man. Ironic and lyrical tones are characteristic of his works. Moral and psychological problems predominate in the stories and feuilletons “Elysian Fields” (1949), “Rainy Evenings” (1957), “A Pink Notebook” (1958), “Five Minutes Before Sleep” (1960), and “The Carnival” (1968).


In Russian translation:
Puteshestvie. Preface by A. Vasil’ev. Afterword by M. Poliakov. Moscow, 1964.
Proshchanie. Disneilend. Moscow, 1971.
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