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The subject of the order is the delivery of equipment for school laboratories at the vocational school stanislaw staszic in zabkowice slaskie, the secondary school complex hipolit cegielski in ziebice and the high school wladyslaw jagiello in zabkowice slaskie and auxiliary articles serving the implementation of the project school of competence - raising the quality of upper secondary education in the zabkowicki poviat
Apart from the well-known names of Stanislaw ze Skarbimierza, Pawel Wlodkowic, Jan Ostrorog, Wawrzyniec Goslicki, Wolan, Krzysztof Warszewicki, Andrzej Frycz-Modrzewski, Lukasz Gornicki, Piotr Skarga, Szymon Starowolski, Hugo Kollontaj, and Stanislaw Staszic Bernacki introduces to us the lesser names of Stanislaw Zaborowski, Filip Kallimach, Jakub Przyluski, Samuel Przypkowski, Krzysztof Opalinski, Stanislaw Herakliusz Lubomirski, Stanislaw Dunin Karwicki, and others.
The Stanislaw Staszic Chamber - more than 100 feet deep and 475 feet underground - was where the bungee jump took place in 1998.
Contract awarded for Construction of teletechnical, telecommunications and electrical installations in the building of the stanislaw staszic school of economics and technology in slupsk at jana iii sobieskiego 3.
Contract awarded for Expansion (extension) and adaptation of the canteen in the zs stanislaw staszic in wysokie
The subject of the order is the successive delivery of consumables used in laboratory diagnostics for the needs of the specialist hospital in pila stanislaw staszic, divided into tasks: 1.
The subject of the order is the successive supply of medical and technical gases along with the lease of cylinders to the specialist hospital in pila stanislaw staszic, divided into tasks.
Replacement of the wooden roof structure with a roofing sheet, exchange of flashings, rebuilding of chimneys and replacement of floor layers above the third floor of the building at partyzantw 25 in slupsk - school of economics and technical stanislaw staszic in slupsk