Stankovic, Borisav

Stanković, Borisav


Born Mar. 22, 1876, in Vranje; died Oct. 22,1927, in Belgrade. Serbian writer.

Stanković graduated from the faculty of law of the University of Belgrade in 1902. An exponent of realism, he began writing in the late 1890’s. Stankovic primarily dealt with the interrelationship between the individual and society by depicting the patriarchal world so familiar to him, for example, in the short-story collections From the Old Gospels (1899), Godly People (1902), and Old Times (1902) and the play Kostana (1902). A master of psychological characterization, he portrayed characters torn by inner struggle by combining contradictory psychological forces. His novel Bad Blood (1910; Russian translation, 1961) is the most significant achievement of the Serbian sociopsychological novel before 1918. Stankovic is also the author of memoirs, Under Occupation (1929).


In Russian translation:
Izbrannoe. Moscow, 1973.


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