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Congo (Kinshasa): see KisanganiKisangani
, formerly Stanleyville,
city (1996 est. pop. 500,000), capital of Tshopo prov., N central Congo (Kinshasa), a port on the Congo River. The city is the terminus of steamer navigation on the Congo from Kinshasa and is a transportation center for NE Congo.
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until 1966 the name of the city of Kisangani in the Republic of Zaire.

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Miraculously, no one in Stanleyville seems to question Timothy's arrival, and as soon as he shows up, he starts to change the lives of the people around him.
Finally, Lumumba was attacked and captured on a trip to Stanleyville, by hostile Belgian soldiers instigated by the CIA.
Continuing civil strife, military mutinies and regional rebellions led to the Belgian airborne units and white mercenaries intervening in 1964 to rescue European hostages in Stanleyville.
Kisangani is geographically close to the center of the continent and was formerly known as Stanleyville during the colonial times under Belgium.
Over the last four decades, a host of scholarly and public debates have focused attention on the mindset of the Belgian officials who had to prepare for Congolese decolonization during the 1950s (De Witte, 2001), and there is little question that few of the Europeans who were living in Leopoldville, Stanleyville, or Elizabethtown during the first half of that decade could have anticipated a hasty transfer of power.
While waiting for the company boat that must transport Frere to a show trial in Stanleyville, Klein assaults the captive Frere and is himself then killed by one of the Company men during the ensuing brawl.
The Stanleyville intervention was unlike the 1965 interventions in the Dominican Republic by U.
The Bible is trodden under Fascist feet O Stanleyville you confronted the Fascist flood you challenged the ships of the colonizers while Lumumba was dying between your arms.
Belgian rescue operation at Stanleyville in the Congo.
De Stanleyville lograron salir con vida gracias a los salvoconductos de un funcionario de Naciones Unidas, que se apiado de ellos y los deposito en un vuelo con destino a Burundi, donde los capturo un grupo de militares paracaidistas belgas, que aun tenian bajo su control ese pais, pues pensaron se trataba de espias; en esa ocasion, de nuevo, estuvieron a punto de ser fusilados y se salvaron por .
We report here the findings in a case of Hb Stanleyville II that caused gross overestimation of Hb [A.