Stapling Machine

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Stapling Machine


a machine used in the textile industry to obtain sliver of staple length from chemical fibers gathered into tow; the sliver is then used to produce yarn. Stapling is accomplished by cutting or breaking the fibers in the tow. Cutting has several advantages, inasmuch as the fibers produced are more uniform in length and are free of excessive internal stress.

In the modern production process of stapling, the stapling machine uses a taker-in to form a lap or sliver from several tows, stretches the lap between feed and intermediate rollers, and cuts the fibers (at an angle of approximately 8° to the direction of the lap motion) to the required staple length with a cutting device. It then draws the staple sliver with separating cylinders and drawing rollers, crimps it with a special device, and coils it into a can by means of guide rollers in a coiling head.


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