Star Maker

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Star Maker,

the the creator and destroyer of the universe, depicted primarily as an artist detached from it. [Sci. FL: Stapledon Star Maker in Weiss, 248]
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The artists have a lot in common, as both are Toyota Star Maker winners and have accumulated extensive accolades, including winning the APRA New Zealand Best Country Song award for "Pieces.
So in a fascinating turning of the tables we see star maker Simon Cowell go head to head with star baker Mary Berry.
Matt joins a long line of former contestants (hello Katie Waissel and Steve Brookstein) who claim to have been swallowed whole and spat out by the X Factor star maker machine.
She was introduced to Matouk by star maker Simone Asmar, director of Studio Al Fan who asked Matouk to take care of her.
STAR maker Donald Mackay was the man consulted by Middlesbrough ace James Morrison before he decided to pledge his international career to Scotland.
Hyland was a star maker, and he never interfered with the content of my shows or my approach.
As a star maker, Willson "invented" the Hollywood hunk and its other great incarnation, the teen idol, exemplified in his creation of Tab Hunter.
It contains a searchable database of work by some of the genre's most respected writers, including Liverpudlian 'cosmic philosopher' Olaf Stapledon, author of Star Maker and Cirius, alongside John Wyndham, Eric Frank Russell and John Brunner.
Too Faced Star Maker Celebrity Styled Makeup Palette, $29.
Two decades ago, astronomers recognized Arp 299 as a prolific star maker and coined the term starburst for this galaxy.
This contest was the ultimate star maker, bringing some incredible music to the forefront for our customers and fans across the country," said Martine Reardon, Macy's Chief Marketing Officer.