Stara Zagora District

Stara Zagora District


an administrative-territorial unit in central Bulgaria. Area, 4,900 sq km. Population, 390,000 (1973). The administrative center is the city of Stara Zagora.

The northern and central parts of Stara Zagora District are mountainous, and the south is a level plain. The economy is both industrial and agrarian. Between 1952 and 1972 industrial output increased by a factor of 13; about three-quarters of the growth was in heavy industry. Several industries are of national importance. The coal industry is centered in the Eastern Maritsa Coal Basin. The electric power industry is represented by the 500-megawatt (MW) Pervaia Komsomol’skaia Steam Power Plant and the 600-MW Maritsa-Vostok-2 Steam Power Plant; the 1-gigawatt Maritsa-Vostok-3 Steam Power Plant has been under construction since 1976. Also of national importance are the chemical industry and machine building, concentrated in the cities of Stara Zagora, Kazanluk, and Chirpan. Stara Zagora District also produces electrical-porcelain goods (Nikolaevo), textiles (Kazanluk and Stara Zagora), and food and condiments. A cement industry is growing rapidly.

Stara Zagora is an important agricultural region. It is noted for wheat, corn, barley, sugar beets, sunflowers, and cotton. Essential-oil crops, such as roses, lavender, and mint, are grown on plantations in the Kazanluk Basin. Grapes, tomatoes, and peppers are also grown. More than one-third of the cultivated land is irrigated. Cattle, sheep, and swine are raised. Stara Zagora District is noted for its mineral springs.

E. B. VALEV [24–1275–]

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Everyone who wants to support the initiative and is not in Sofia or has no opportunity to attend the event can send books for donation directly to the community center at the following addresses: Development Center 1878, Dulboki, Stara Zagora District, Septemvriytsi Str.
Tenders are to be sent to: Mednikarovo village, Stara Zagora District, ContourGlobal Maritza East 3 AD office building, OP and Supply Department until 17:00 on 27.06.2019 Payment method: on the basis of an invoice issued according to a protocol for delivery.
"Fortunately, everything was completed successfully, there were no injuries among the young people, but the recklessness of these young people cost a lot of financial and human resources of several institutions," said Stara Zagora District Director Iliya Zlatev, quoted by BGNES.
Contract award notice: Implementation of cam for improvement of the water supply infrastructure of the villages of konare and panicherevo, Gurkovo municipality, Stara zagora district under 2 distinct positions under the rdp 2014-2020 (bulgaria-gurkovo: Construction work for water and sewage pipelines)
The Stara Zagora District Court will review the claim submitted by the management of the state-owned company within a seven-day period, meaning that there will be no changes to the scheduled start of the strike activity.
Tenders are invited for "performance of monitoring of mineral waters of population - exclusively state property according to annex 2 to article 14 (2) of the water law:" velingrad-lagjene ", pazardjik region, velingrad municipality, velingrad " velingrad- , "pavel banya", stara zagora district, "pavel banya" municipality, "pavel banya", "pechelinski bani", sofiya, bulgaria, bulgaria, bulgaria, district, kostenets municipality, hisariya holiday, plovdiv district, hisaria municipality, hisarya
"We are aware of the substantial expenses involved", BSP MP Antoni Kutev said Wednesday, adding that the socialists also insist on the resignation of the Stara Zagora District Governor due to his failure to fulfill his statutory duty to take due care of public property.
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