Starved Rock

Starved Rock,

cliff, 140 ft (43 m) high, overlooking the Illinois River between La Salle and Ottawa, N Ill. Legend says that in the 18th cent. the Ottawas drove a band of Illinois onto the cliff, where they died of thirst and starvation. Later, brigands and outlaws found refuge nearby in canyons and caves that were included in Starved Rock State Park (est. 1912). Starved Rock has been designated a national historic landmark.
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UTICA -- State officials say flooding at Starved Rock State Park has forced parking lots to be closed at the popular destination.
"More than 3 million people visit Starved Rock and Matthiessen state parks each year.
The Illinois River begins at the confluence of the Des Plains and Kankakee Rivers 77 km southwest of Chicago, Illinois, and flows 439 km through six navigation reaches of the Illinois Waterway (Dresden, Marseilles, Starved Rock, Peoria, La Grange, and Alton Pools) into the Mississippi River near Grafton, Illinois (Delong, 2005; Fig.
For example, Chester Otto Weger (Starved Rock Murders) was sentenced to life in prison without parole, and now appears before the parole board requesting parole.
DESCRIBED AS A "marketing nirvana" by Times publisher John Newby, Starved Rock Country is an extension of the paper's brand, created to promote the community on a regional level and add tourism dollars to the area.
Vintage Illinois is supported by the Starved Rock State Park Complex and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and hosted by the Illinois Grape Growers and Vintners Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing the viticulture and enology interests of Illinois through information exchange and cooperation among Illinois grape producers and vintners.
The mound of black slag is the most visible symbol of the toxic legacy that haunts this town about 20 miles west of Starved Rock State Park, where other facilities that made sulfuric acid, paint pigment and fertilizer also left behind a host of contaminants when they closed.
LaSalle County, Ill., officials voted to grant Mississippi Sand LLC permission to operate a sand mine on a stretch of farmland immediately east of Starved Rock State Park, according to the Chicago Tribune.
I observed an adult yellow-throated warbler feeding a fledged brown-headed cowbird within a few meters of the viewing platform at the Beehive Overlook at Starved Rock State Park (LaSalle County, IL) on July 1, 2010.
The section from Starved Rock Dam to Spring Valley holds prespawn fish in February, but weather and water conditions dictate when anglers can get on the bite.
Blagojevich in your "Views, News and Reviews" column (December 2005 issue), and it reminded me of what happened to me at Starved Rock State Park, Illinois, recently.
September 17-18 -- Vintage Illinois 2005 celebration of Illinois Wine Month, Starved Rock State Park, Utica, Ill.