Starved Rock

Starved Rock,

cliff, 140 ft (43 m) high, overlooking the Illinois River between La Salle and Ottawa, N Ill. Legend says that in the 18th cent. the Ottawas drove a band of Illinois onto the cliff, where they died of thirst and starvation. Later, brigands and outlaws found refuge nearby in canyons and caves that were included in Starved Rock State Park (est. 1912). Starved Rock has been designated a national historic landmark.
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April 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The Brandon Marshall Foundation, Starved Rock Harley-Davidson and Linden Oaks at Edward are teaming up in an effort to increase awareness of mental illness and raise funds for mental health treatment.
officials voted to grant Mississippi Sand LLC permission to operate a sand mine on a stretch of farmland immediately east of Starved Rock State Park, according to the Chicago Tribune.
I observed an adult yellow-throated warbler feeding a fledged brown-headed cowbird within a few meters of the viewing platform at the Beehive Overlook at Starved Rock State Park (LaSalle County, IL) on July 1, 2010.
The section from Starved Rock Dam to Spring Valley holds prespawn fish in February, but weather and water conditions dictate when anglers can get on the bite.
Blagojevich in your "Views, News and Reviews" column (December 2005 issue), and it reminded me of what happened to me at Starved Rock State Park, Illinois, recently.
When she became director of the regional Starved Rock Vocational System four years ago, there was no clear picture about the status of vocational students or the needs of vocational education.
We hope that this will provide a more flexible option by allowing members to pay per month, and will also benefit those who may only need access to a set of wheels on a seasonal basis - for summer road trips to the beach in Lake Geneva, picnicking at Ravinia or for hiking at Starved Rock, for example - but don't want an annual commitment.
The property is situated just outside the Chicago MSA and is nestled among many area state attractions such as Illini State Park, The Illinois River, LaSalle Lake, The Illinois Michigan Canal, Starved Rock State Park, Matthiessen State Park, and Buffalo Rock State Park.
April 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Starved Rock Harley Davidson/Buell has made an agreement with WALKAWAY USA, LLC to offer financial protection to motorcycle purchasers who may have reservations during these challenging economic times.
Starved Rock State Park, Utica (Northern) - Offering visitors a destination rich in history and natural beauty with lush forests, Starved Rock State Park features 18 magnificent canyons, spectacular ancient rock formations and numerous sparkling waterfalls in a breathtaking setting along the Illinois River.