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A cessation of the normal flow of blood or other body fluids.
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a stoppage or diminution of the physiological contents in the lumen of a tubular organ. The different types of stasis include stasis of the blood, or hemostasis (generally capillary or venous), stasis of the feces, or coprostasis, urinary stasis, and lym-phostasis. Stasis may result from the action of chemical and physical factors and bacterial toxins, from an impairment of blood-vessel innervation, and from a change in blood composition. Persistent hemostasis may cause tissue necrosis.

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If severe, stasis eczema in the ankles can lead ulcers that are stubborn to heal.
The zone of stasis tissues were then harvested and stored in 10% formalin at 4[degrees]C, and then these tissues were used to determine proliferation levels by immunohistochemical examinations.
"STASIS is based in Malta and is working towards obtaining a licence under Malta's recently released regulatory framework related to distributed ledger technologies ("DLT"), making Malta the first country in the EU to issue regulation related to this industry.
Erythematous exudative lesions covered by yellow crusts consistent with stasis dermatitis were also observed (Fig.
The condition can appear red or hot or edematous, but venous stasis dermatitis almost always presents bilaterally.
We anticipate further healing of his venous stasis ulcer now that the patient's venous insufficiency is largely corrected with the stent.
During the trial period, Participants were not allowed to take any other Chinese patent medicines or herbal medicines with similar effect of activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis.
(7) It has become readily recognized that primary enteroliths result from stasis, leading to clumping and elimination.
(2,5) It is a benign, exaggerated form of stasis dermatitis and begins as violaceous macules and patches.
Puerarin possesses a wide spectrum of biological activities including ameliorating effects on blood stasis, but the definite mechanism of this effect is still not known.