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Minister of Defence General Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi denied any knowledge of how top secret State Security documents came to be destroyed in a court testimony on Tuesday.
Cairo Criminal Court summoned the armed forces Commander-in-Chief who was Director of Military Intelligence and Reconnaissance, when activists stormed State Security Investigations Service headquarters nationwide in February 2011.
Summary: DUBAI - Dubai Attorney-General Essam Issa Al Humaidan has referred Saleh Al Dhufairi to the Federal State Security Prosecution in Abu Dhabi on the charges of crimes threatening state security.
The Dubai Public Prosecution apprehended him pending investigation on counts of abusing religion to promote ideas that abet sedition and harm social peace and of using an IT channel to disseminate information on the Internet to provoke acts threatening state security and public order.
The Interior Ministry replaced state security with a new National Security Force, which would serve "the nation without interfering in the lives of citizens or their right to exercise their political rights", the state news agency reported.
PM Boyko Borisov has stated he is ready to dismiss minister for Bulgarians abroad Bozhidar Dimitrov because of the latter's past in Bulgaria's Communist State Security.
State Security, one of Syria's intelligence services, detained Hasani on July 28.
Of the large parties only the right-wing Blue Coalition, formed by opposition parties, had no State Security agents on its elections tickets.
Shepard considers Marlowe's plays in the context of an ongoing discourse concerning militarism, masculinity, and state security that took place in England during the years following the defeat of the Spanish Armada.
The suit contends that officials of Mercedes Benz Argentina, now a subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler, gave the names and addresses of workers they deemed "subversive" to state security forces at a time when it was well-known that "subversives" would be detained, tortured and disappeared.
Summary: DUBAI -- Dubai Public Prosecutor Essam Al Humaidan had referred Saleh Al Dhufairi to the Federal State Security Prosecution in Abu Dhabi on charges of crimes threatening state security.
CAIRO: Forty-seven police officers suspected of having destroyed documents in offices of Egypt's state security services have been remanded in custody, a senior judiciary official said on Monday.

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