British Somaliland

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British Somaliland:

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, officially Federal Republic of Somalia, country (2005 est. pop. 8,591,000), 246,200 sq mi (637,657 sq km), extreme E Africa. It is directly south of the Arabian peninsula across the Gulf of Aden.
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British Somaliland

a former British protectorate (1884--1960) in E Africa, on the Gulf of Aden: united with Italian Somaliland in 1960 to form the Somali Republic
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Mobile money transfer was first developed by Telesom, the biggest telecommunication service provider in the breakaway state of Somaliland with the name Zaad Service two years ago and was then adopted by the partner companies operating in the rest of the country.
Guantanamo Bay is like hell on Earth," he told AFP in the town, capital of the breakaway state of Somaliland.
The Northern state of Somalia has jailed nine Somali pirates for 15 to 20 years by a court in the breakaway northern state of Somaliland, an official said on Sunday, the AFP reported.
The self-declared state of Somaliland is much better known as a refugee producing territory than a refugee destination.
The particular colonial, historical, and socio-economic paths forged distinctive national identities in the north and south and were critical in the emergence of the de facto sovereign state of Somaliland.
47) No single, universally determinative Act of Union was ever taken, and "a presidential decree entitled the 'Law of Union of the State of Somaliland and Somalia' submitted to the combined legislatures failed to win their approval.
In the breakaway state of Somaliland, which enjoys relative peace compared to the rest of Somalia, Agriculture Minister Aden Ahmed Elmi said more than 750,000 people were now in need of food aid.
The secessionist state of Somaliland, in what used to be North Western Somalia, has had a stable and quasi-democratic government since 1991, when local clan elders decided to stop the bloodshed through the ballot and elected a government that has functioned ever since.
Kenya will be opening a diplomatic liaison office in Hargeisa, the capital of the self declared state of Somaliland.
Since the end of the armed struggle, he has become a leading figure in the independent, but internationally unrecognised, state of Somaliland that exists in the part of Somalia that was a British colony until 1960.

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