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a term used in political literature.

(1) A synonym for state in general: for a state of some historical type (bourgeois statehood, socialist statehood) and to denote a particular stage in the development of a state of a given historical type (statehood of the ancient Slavs, public statehood).

(2) To denote the system (mechanism) of a dictatorship of a particular class (proletarian statehood) or the political organization of society. In this sense the term “statehood” is used in the Program of the CPSU in examining problems of the further development of the socialist state (see 1971, pp. 101–02).

(3) To denote the system of organs of state—the statehood apparatus.

(4) To combine in one group general traits or features of a state (for example—national statehood and democratic statehood).


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First - You were demanding full statehood for Delhi from Union Territory.
The Chief Minister said the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today stands completely exposed on the issue of providing statehood to Delhi since it has suddenly taken a U-turn on its decades-old stand.
Joens discussed various individuals who he felt were relevant in moving Illinois toward statehood: Ninian Edwards, the only governor of the Illinois territory from 1809 to 1818; Nathaniel W.
statehood. Though the 2016 party platform explicitly included a policy of "finally passing statehood for the District of Columbia," most lawmakers who are even aware of the issue continue to see it as morally righteous but politically irrelevant.
Puerto Rico And Washington, DC, Voters Want Statehood
Section I: The Roots of Statehood explores and traces Tajik statehood back through its long history, which saw highs and lows, ups and downs on the way to the founding of the contemporary Tajik state.
The lack of congressional representation is a focus of the current push for statehood, which would give D.C.
The demand of full statehood to Delhi was among AAP's top poll promises and the party has been pushing for full statehood.
District leaders testified passionately about transforming most of the nation's capital into the ''state of New Columbia'' at a hearing Monday afternoon, saying only statehood would correct what even some opponents call an injustice: the inability of Washington's residents to fully participate in American democracy.
Thereafter all the three major political parties, the United Goans, the Congress, and the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party sought statehood for Goa.
"Our state is built upon main principles of statehood - principles of mutual respect and equality," Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan Rashid Meredov told a press conference on July 16 in Bishkek following the 5th Meeting of Central Asia plus Japan Dialogue Foreign Ministers.
Forty-Seventh Star: New Mexico's Struggle for Statehood. By David V.