Stationary Engine

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stationary engine

[′stā·shə‚ner·ē ′en·jən]
(mechanical engineering)
A permanently placed engine, as in a power house, factory, or mine.

Stationary Engine


an engine fixed permanently to a base that transmits energy to machinery also having a fixed location. It is mainly used to drive generators of electric power.

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With any stationary engine, it takes a bit of time to get to know the engine and learn what its traits and troubles are, and the Crossley was no exception.
We are gratified by the adoption of our technology by the National Raisin Company and look forward to additional opportunities in the region, as well as other stationary engine applications for our diesel-to- natural gas technology across the country and the world," said Werner Funk, president and chief executive officer of Omnitek Engineering Corporation.
Several reflections of the oblique shockwaves are produced between the stationary engine case and the Rampressor rotor rim surface, followed by a terminal normal shock.
Atlanta, GA, October 01, 2013 --( JB Systems, leading provider for the manufacturing and distributing of water filters, air filtration, oil and fuel filtration and high pressure gas filtration systems along with vacuum pump products has announced today that in response to the recent changes the Environmental Protection Agency has made to its air quality regulations for stationary engines, JB Systems is providing the Hilco vent mist elimination system which meets these new requirements.
This year's stationary engine section will house a 1921 Scenic Showman's Engine, owned by Mr Williams, Wrexham.
Its clients in India include almost all major Original Equipment Manufacturers, covering passenger car segment, two wheelers, tractors and Light Commercial Vehicles, defence and other stationary engine manufacturers.
Major new industry innovations have been added to these longer-wheel-base harvesters, including: a new, simplified feeder reverser design that is low-weight and requires no maintenance; a unique stationary engine air screen with vacuum system for improved cooling and increased time between cleaning; and new automated quick-fold grain tank covers controlled from the cab.
Driven by a single electric motor or stationary engine, the new Ecoflex machines are delivered fully assembled and ready to operate.
LLNL researchers Daniel Flowers, Salvador Aceves, Francisco Espinosa-Loza, Nick Killingsworth, and Tim Ross teamed up with two University of California professors, Robert Dibble of Berkeley and Miroslav Krstic of San Diego, to demonstrate controlled HCCI combustion in a stationary engine for distributed generation.
Eaton has been developing engine air management components and systems for passenger vehicles and stationary engine manufacturers for decades.
I was on a train around Ashford in Kent on Wednesday when we passed a stationary engine named The Emile Zola.
Six dining car attendants escaped injury when the dining car of a Manchester to Bournemouth train jumped the rails, leapt six feet and crashed into a stationary engine in Manchester.

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