Stationary Engine

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stationary engine

[′stā·shə‚ner·ē ′en·jən]
(mechanical engineering)
A permanently placed engine, as in a power house, factory, or mine.

Stationary Engine


an engine fixed permanently to a base that transmits energy to machinery also having a fixed location. It is mainly used to drive generators of electric power.

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Crossley engines are seen by many collectors as the Rolls Royce of stationary engines, so for Damian, owning a Crossley was a chance to try out something different, and to compare it to the other makes of engine that he owns and runs.
ese were stationary engines that powered machines on factory production lines and helped to drive the Industrial Revolution.
car clubs, model trains and boats, stationary engines, classic and vintage motorcycles on display.
Many of these companies had backgrounds in the manufacture of weapons, bicycles, stationary engines and even lawnmowers and sewing machines.
Atlanta, GA, October 01, 2013 --( JB Systems, leading provider for the manufacturing and distributing of water filters, air filtration, oil and fuel filtration and high pressure gas filtration systems along with vacuum pump products has announced today that in response to the recent changes the Environmental Protection Agency has made to its air quality regulations for stationary engines, JB Systems is providing the Hilco vent mist elimination system which meets these new requirements.
VINTAGE machinery enthusiasts found plenty to interest them among the record number of 234 entries of old tractors, stationary engines and other equipment at the 2013 Royal Welsh Spring Festival.
Chris came across ranks of vintage tractors, dating from 1940, a series of stationary engines going back to the 1920s and a huge range of old farm machinery and implements including a 1939 plough, a 1958 verge trimmer and a 1920s turnip chopper and turnip drill.
The sources and activities at natural gas operations that DEP has identified as subject to the emissions reporting requirements include compressor stations; dehydration units; drill rigs; fugitives, such as connectors, flanges, pump lines, pump seals and valves; heaters; pneumatic controllers and pumps; stationary engines; tanks, pressurized vessels and impoundments; venting and blow down systems; well heads and well completions.
Displays of vintage vehicles and stationary engines entice you to step back into a world of steam and highly polished brass, of experts in overalls and enthusiasts of everything from British motorbikes to beautifully restored delivery vans.
They include a urea-based SCR system, which has been used successfully for some 30 years on a wide range of stationary engines and other industrial applications, and the patented CRT particulate filter, which was introduced in the 1990s and was also the first particulate filter to be EPA/CARB (California Air Resources Board) verified.
offers TurboShield [TM], a turbocharger management system for large stationary engines. The hardware/software system allows operators to identify the most economical time to overhaul a turbocharger, forecast engine emissions to remain in compliance, and detect the effect of engine port carboning.
MORE than 80 tractors, 35 stationary engines and two mini steam engines will be on display at the festival, including an immaculate Doe Triple D, forerunner of the four-wheel drive tractors of today.