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a school of political thought that treats the state as the highest product and goal of social development.

The principles of statism can be traced historically through many political doctrines. During the precapitalist period, they were used primarily as a substantiation and defense of absolutism; for example, Hobbes made use of statist notions in his doctrine of the state. Hegel asserted that the state is an end in itself and the highest of all goals. In bourgeois societies, it was originally believed that the state should have a limited role in the life of a country, and statism was a primarily antiliberal and anti-democratic doctrine propounded by reactionary sociopolitical forces demanding strong state power. The most extreme form of statism is fascism’s “total state.”

Anticommunists demagogically call the socialist system statist because of the important role that the state plays in socialist societies. In actuality the socialist state is not opposed to society or the individual; on the contrary, its objective is the creation of real opportunities for the comprehensive development of the individual. Its highest goal is the building of a communist society that has a communist form of social self-government.

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The newcomer-by-birth objection is concerned with showing that statist arguments, insofar as they are successful, prove too much.
The author discusses "the tensions between globalization and statist dynamics as well as the AKP's consolidation of the authoritarian neoliberal order" (p.
In statist LTRs, there is a greater potential for these conflicts to be scaled up to the national level, because the state's involvement in land allocation creates linkages between local and national political spheres.
The solution, however, is not to label the right as "statist," but to define the relevant terms objectively--as when addressing other such package-deals.
Finally, Hutchinson revisits some well-known texts relating to Ireland and considers their contributions to statist thought.
I am surprised how little this text is used in Iran scholarship, as it is one of the few sources which effectively portrays the ideological transformation of the post-revolutionary statist elites on economic matters.
In fact, movies with conservative values and content made almost four times as much money in 2013 as those with liberal, leftist, or statist values and content, averaging $90,680,000 per film versus $23,940,000 per leftist picture.
It is a mark of the statist nationalism of the people of Pakistan.
In her view, both statists and cosmopolitans confuse or misplace ideal and non-ideal considerations, whereas she proposes a reconciliation.
He painstakingly explains his method for assigning a value to each country for its policies on a negative to positive scale, corresponding with statist to pro-market shifts.
Yet Hannan is troubled by the statist tendency he sees in Hungary's politics, something that cannot entirely be blamed on reaction to international pressure.
Section III exposes the results of ambitious statist expansion, with special emphasis on Woodrow Wilson, who attempted to devalue the founding documents and declared them inadequate.