Statistical Publications

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Statistical Publications


reference publications containing statistics on the development of the various branches of the national economy and of the national economy as a whole. Publications are classified according to purpose (yearbooks, handbooks, anniversary editions, bulletins), scope (complete, brief), and extent of data (covering the economy as a whole or a single branch of the economy, covering the entire country or a republic or region). Other categories include departmental affiliation, format (books, journals), and periodicity (decennial, annual, quarterly, monthly, single-issue).

Regardless of purpose, statistical publications provide information (current state, developments) on such subjects as territory and population, science and scientific and technological progress, industry as a whole and the various branches of industry, agriculture, construction, transportation and communications, trade, finances and credit, foreign ties, education and culture, public health, labor and domestic life, material well-being, and the development of the national economy as a whole. The development of systems and methodologies for statistical publications is an inseparable part of statistics as a science, and the comparison and publication of statistics are among the more important functions (fulfilled according to a plan in the socialist countries) of statistical organizations. In the USSR, this work is done by the Central Statistical Board of the USSR and by the board’s bodies on the republic and local level.

Statistical works have been published systematically in Russia since the 19th century (Statistical Annals of the Russian Empire, 1866–94; Russian Yearbook, 1905–18). The first statistical publication in the USSR dealing with the national economy appeared in 1924. In 1925 it was supplemented with new material and published as The National Economy of the USSR in Numbers, which marked the first attempt to present a system of indexes pertaining to the development of the national economy of the USSR in a statistical publication. The statistical compilation The National Economy of the USSR has been published annually since 1956 (except 1958), and since 1957 statistical works on economic development have been published separately for each of the Union republics, krais, and oblasts.

Yearbooks are.the principal type of statistical publication in other countries as well. They are published in 126 countries, including all the members of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance. Since 1946 the United Nations and its specialized agencies have published a number of important statistical works, including the Statistical Yearbook, Demographic Yearbook,Yearbook of International Trade Statistics, and Yearbook of theUnited Nations. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization publishes the Yearbook of Food and Agricultural Statistics, as well as statistical yearbooks on the fishing and lumber industries. The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization publishes the International Yearbook of Education and the StatisticalYearbook. Many other international organizations publish their own yearbooks.


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"As for what the agency reported regarding the impact of the absence of the public financial statements it had of investors, who are considering investing in government bonds, and their ability to analyse the financial position of the Sultanate, the Ministry confirms that the procedures by which bonds are offered are preceded by the issuance of a comprehensive guide containing financial and economic data for investors which include financial statements." "The Ministry of Finance invites all media establishments to refer to the statistical publications issued by the National Centre for Statistics and Information through the centre's portal at," the Ministry added.
In addition, the president noted, the mechanisms of informing the broad circles of the foreign business community and the international community about the results of the economic reforms carried out in the country through the publication of statistical data in international statistical publications are poorly used.
And it's no coincidence that the guide's heavy stress on progress, rather than focusing purely on exam results, has been increasingly followed in official statistical publications.
BancorpSouth chairman and CEO of the bank, Dan Rollins, said, 'The Austin, Texas MSA consistently ranks at or near the top of almost all statistical publications regarding economic drivers and activity.
They present data collected from statistical publications such as the National Statistics on Education Yearbook and other yearbooks, government authorities such as the Chinese Ministry of Education, and other sources.
This handy, pocket-sized booklet summarises information from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research's (NCVER's) current statistical publications. It presents statistics about: Australia's public vocational education and training (VET) system (which includes activity undertaken at technical and further education [TAFE] institutes, other government providers, community education providers and publicly funded delivery by private providers); apprentices and trainees who are undertaking vocational training through a contract of training; expenditures and revenues of the public VET system; tertiary education and training; and young people's participation in education and training.
This volume contains data for the four years 2003 through 2006, drawn as usual from responses to questionnaires supplemented by official national statistical publications when available.
The next day, NFPs will discuss such acute issues in statistics as key statistical indicators, metadata, statistical publications. Representatives of international and UN-led organizations stationed in Ankara are expected to participate in the meeting.
The major sources of information are journals, abstracts and indexes, colleagues, statistical publications, and conference papers.
The CSO said the information for their statistical publications on crime came from Garda headquarters.
Charter, statistical publications on Okinawa, and a commentary on the life of Fyodor Dostevsky authored by leading literary critic Hideo Kobayashi (1902-1983).

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