Statistical Table

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Statistical Table


a way of presenting statistical data through a systematic arrangement of the numbers describing some mass phenomenon or process.

A statistical table may be regarded as representing a subject and predicate. The subject is the phenomenon or group of phenomena treated in the table. The predicate consists of the characteristics describing the subject.

Statistical tables consist of horizontal rows and vertical columns. The subject of the table is generally entered in the rows, and the characteristics making up the predicate are entered in the columns. The intersections of the rows and columns form cells, in which the numerical data are arrayed. The meaning of each number is indicated by the headings of the corresponding row and column.

Three types of statistical tables are distinguished according to the structure of the subject. In simple tables, the subject is a single phenomenon. In two-way tables, the subject exhibits classification with respect to a single factor. In multiway tables, classifications with respect to two or more factors are used in the subject.

Statistical tables should contain all the necessary information in compact form. The headings in the tables should be precise and short. The units of measurement used should be indicated, as should the place and time to which the information pertains.

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