statistical multiplexing

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statistical multiplexing

[stə‚tis·ti·kəl ′məl·tə‚pleks·iŋ]
Time-division multiplexing in which time on a communications channel is assigned to multiple users on a demand basis, rather than periodically to each user.
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statistical multiplexor

In communications and networking, a device that merges several low-speed channels into a single high-speed channel and vice versa. A standard multiplexor is set up to interleave a fixed number of incoming channels at the same rate onto the outgoing channel regardless of whether every incoming channel contains data. A statistical multiplexor analyzes the incoming traffic and dynamically changes the interleaving in order to use all the available capacity of the outgoing channel.
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'By allocating bandwidth via statistical multiplexing algorithms, which removes the inefficiencies of interpacket gaps and idle frames, traffic is intelligently aggregated across each port.
We study the statistical multiplexing effect for a single network link (modeling the bottleneck link in a larger network) with transmission bitrate C bit/s.
A real-time VPC is not efficient for non-real-time VCC services because of the limited statistical multiplexing gains achieved in the VPC core.
In the optical internetworking world, much of this traditional equipment becomes unnecessary due to gains afforded by statistical multiplexing. By statistically multiplexing packets and cells over wavelengths in the optical network layer, switches and routers can provide increased bandwidth efficiency and eliminate substantial cost and complexity.
Four major benefits of the ATM technique are considered here: scalability, statistical multiplexing, traffic integration, and network simplicity.
With its fast packet switching and statistical multiplexing capabilities, it provides cost savings in transmission links and in ports on communications equipment and switches.
DS Broadcast , a supplier of broadcast equipment to the Korean ATSC 3.0 broadcasting industry, today announced a new encoder capable of handling 12 channels simultaneously as well as statistical multiplexing functionality.
yieske Radiokomunikace, a Czech service provider, has deployed Ateme's compression and statistical multiplexing (statmux) solutions for the company's DVB-T2 HEVC services.
Reportedly, the Infinera PXM is designed to enable network operators to benefit from a portfolio of advanced services-based Carrier Ethernet and MPLS technologies that are intended to result in decreased network costs and statistical multiplexing with packet aggregation and transport port consolidation.
"The Envivio Muse encoders offer excellent video quality for statistical multiplexing of our DVB-S and DVB-C broadcast channels, while also simultaneously creating outputs for the various mobile resolutions we require."

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