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a school of political thought that treats the state as the highest product and goal of social development.

The principles of statism can be traced historically through many political doctrines. During the precapitalist period, they were used primarily as a substantiation and defense of absolutism; for example, Hobbes made use of statist notions in his doctrine of the state. Hegel asserted that the state is an end in itself and the highest of all goals. In bourgeois societies, it was originally believed that the state should have a limited role in the life of a country, and statism was a primarily antiliberal and anti-democratic doctrine propounded by reactionary sociopolitical forces demanding strong state power. The most extreme form of statism is fascism’s “total state.”

Anticommunists demagogically call the socialist system statist because of the important role that the state plays in socialist societies. In actuality the socialist state is not opposed to society or the individual; on the contrary, its objective is the creation of real opportunities for the comprehensive development of the individual. Its highest goal is the building of a communist society that has a communist form of social self-government.

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Yet Hannan is troubled by the statist tendency he sees in Hungary's politics, something that cannot entirely be blamed on reaction to international pressure.
Throughout the book Levin discusses how limited government is jeopardized by the ambitions and overreach of modern utopianism, and how, with the best of intentions, "progressive" statists incrementally expand the powers and influence of government in a soft tyranny of welfare and administrative programs-the end being oppression and loss of liberty.
In the case of Taiwan and South Korea, it was the sudden check administered by the United States to a nuclear and statist strategy.
In his first State of the Nation address, to a joint session of Parliament on July 8, Putin gave the statists reason to believe he is the leader they want.
First, Ericson defies the school that employed the statist approach and assumed the Meiji state as "the initiator of modern economic growth in Japan" (p.
In fact, statists are looking for far more than a maternal embrace in the arms of big government.
Many statists conclude that the ability of policymakers to advance the national interest depends in large measure on the extent to which domestic political institutions render them susceptible to demands by pressure groups and other nonstate actors.(13) Policymakers who are poorly insulated from, and lack autonomy with respect to, pressure groups will face difficulty advancing the national interest unless (as discussed further below) it converges with the preferences of societal groups.
Extremely valuable in Dunlop's account are his clarifications of the baffling constellation of political parties and movements that have arisen in Russia since 1987, as well as his revealing characterizations of several of the nation's leading democrats and statists. Surprisingly, although the author's primary hero is clearly the late democrat Andrei Sakharov, the statist-leaning novelist Alexander Solzhenitsyn also comes in for some mildly positive evaluation.
Despite the continuing drumbeat they hear from the statists who dominate politics, book publishing, filmmaking, the news business, the academic community, and much of organized religion, the American people still think conservative - even if they don't identify themselves as conservatives.
That false choice is one reason pragmatism is so attractive to statists. It's the epistemology that animates the zombie of statism.
Statists have been trying to do this for 150 years now with abominable results.