status register

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status register

[′stad·əs ‚rej·ə·stər]
(computer science)
A register maintained by the central processing unit that contains a status byte with information about activities currently taking place there.


(1) To sign up. See registration.

(2) A small, high-speed computer circuit that holds values of internal operations, such as the address of the instruction being executed and the data being processed. When a program is debugged, register contents may be analyzed to determine the computer's status at the time of failure.

In microcomputer assembly language programming, programmers look at the contents of registers routinely. Assembly languages in larger computers are often at a higher level.
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The iteration control enables the propagation of data to output registers after a number of clock cycles equal to the depth of the RPU, monitors the exit conditions according to the applied mask, and sets the status register.
The place where the status registers and the control registers could be seen depends on controller which is attached to CP242-8 module.
When a non-queued command is issued, the drive transfers the associated data, clears the busy (BSY) bit in the Status register and notifies the host that the command was completed.
In the interrupt handler for this routine, the 603 checks the interrupt status register in the chipset, indicating whether the interrupt was caused by a CPU or a peripheral activity timer expiring.
The state machine will control the loading and updating of this status register and will also control the operation of the interrupts back to the host.