Stavropol Agricultural Institute

Stavropol’ Agricultural Institute


The Stavropol’ Agricultural Institute was founded in 1933. In the 1975–76 school year it had departments of agronomy, zootechny, the mechanization and electrification of agriculture, veterinary medicine, plant protection, economics, extension education, and advanced study. In addition, it had a preparatory division, a graduate school, 50 subdepartments, a special problem laboratory, a sectorial laboratory, an experiment station, and an experiment farm of 10,500 hectares. Its library contains more than 500,000 volumes.

In the 1974–75 school year the institute had an enrollment of more than 7,000 students and employed about 400 teachers, including 22 professors and doctors of sciences and about 200 do- cents and candidates of sciences. The institute awards the degrees of doctor or candidate of sciences. It has published Trudy and (Proceedings of the Stavropol’ Agricultural Institute) since 1940. Between 1930 and 1974 it trained about 17,000 specialists. In 1976 the institute was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.