Stavropol Upland

Stavropol’ Upland


a plateau-like upland in central Ciscaucasia, in Stavropol’ Krai, RSFSR. Lying between the Kuban’ and Kuma rivers and the Kuma-Manych Depression, the upland has prevailing elevations of 300–600 m and a maximum elevation of 831 m (Mount Strizhament). It is divided by broad river valleys and ravines into separate table mountains and is composed of clays, sandstones, and limestones, with loams widely found in the east. The steppes have been plowed up. A forest-steppe with broad-leaved forests is found at higher elevations. The upland is watered by means of the Kuban’-Egorlyk system and the Bol’shoi Stavropol’Canal.

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Employees of the Department of Agrochemistry and Plant Physiology of the Faculty of Agrobiology and Land Resources published a monograph "The Effect of Fertilizer Systems on the Productivity of the Link of Grain-Crop Rotation on the Chernozem Leached Stavropol Upland".
The surface characteristics for Stavropol Upland are described as valley-ravine dissections and deep depressions with a ground cover of cultivated fields.