Steam Generator

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steam generator

[′stēm ¦jen·ə‚rād·ər]
(mechanical engineering)

Steam Generator


a heat exchange apparatus used on livestock-raising farms to supply hot water and steam required for washing milk containers, pasteurization of milk, steaming of feed, heating of buildings, and for other industrial purposes. Steam generators are built with either a vertical or horizontal boiler arrangement. [Characteristics of some Soviet steam generators are given in Table 1.]

Table 1. Characteristics of some steam generators manufactured in the USSR
Note: 1 kgf/cm2 = 0.1 MN/m2
Steam output (kg/hr) . . .300200300800
Steam gauge pressure (kgf/cm2) ........
Volume of water space (I)7105921,060900
Heat surface (m2).....
Height without chimney (mm) ...........3,4001,3001,5001,800

The basic components of steam generators manufactured in the USSR are the heat chamber, the water chamber, evaporator tubes, feedwater heater, steam collector, steam pipelines, control and safety devices, and fittings. Steam generators with a horizontal boiler arrangement (type KV) operate on various kinds of solid fuel but can be converted to run on liquid fuel; steam generators with a vertical boiler arrangement (type KM) operate on either solid or liquid fuel.

Steam Generator


an apparatus or unit for the production of steam. A steam generator that uses the heat from the combustion of an organic fuel is called a steam boiler, whereas one that operates on electricity is called an electric boiler. With the advent of atomic power plants, the term “steam generator” was applied to boilers heated by heat transfer from the atomic reactor; such boilers produce secondary steam that is fed into the turbine.

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