Steam Jacket

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steam jacket

[′stēm ‚jak·ət]
(mechanical engineering)
A casing applied to the cylinders and heads of a steam engine, or other space, to keep the surfaces hot and dry.

Steam Jacket


a chamber surrounding the housing of a heat exchanger, or the cylinder of a steam engine, through which the heating steam passes. The steam jacket in heat exchangers maintains the wall temperature of the housing at a constant level. The steam jacket of a steam engine maintains the temperature of the cylinder walls at an approximately constant level, close to the temperature of live steam; this reduces the heat loss resulting from initial condensation, which occurs when steam entering the cylinder comes into contact with the cooler cylinder walls. Steam jackets are particularly important for engines that operate on saturated steam, since they substantially increase efficiency.

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The company's second still, named Patience, is another 300 litre still that also used electric elements to heat the steam jacket.
As Doug goes on to explain, many craft breweries and distilleries start off using electric but, as they reach the right size and output, quickly move to steam-based systems such as those from Fulton: "While electric systems can be quite efficient, they only heat the water required for the steam jacket, so are not as manageable or controllable as steam boiler based systems"
Prudence and Patience both used electric elements initially but, to control the water temperature, you could only switch on or off the four elements in the steam jacket.
Eighty-six percent of the submarines surveyed had not completed the annual maintenance on the kettle's steam jacket and discharge piping IAW MIP 6520/001 series and COMSUBLANT 212244Z NOV 01 (NOTAL).
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The steam jacket of the cooker is divided internally to enable smaller batches to be produced.
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The unit is suitable in commercial greenhouses, nurseries, precast concrete, ready mix concrete plants and industrial applications such as closed-loop heating systems, heating steam jackets and thawing pipes and valves.
The chosen system controls the temperature on the company's resin blending vessels, which are heated using steam jackets.
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