Steam Pump

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steam pump

[′stēm ‚pəmp]
(mechanical engineering)
A pump driven by steam acting on the coupled piston rod and plunger.

Steam Pump


a unit composed of a steam engine and a piston pump; the pistons of both devices are connected to the opposite ends of a single rod. A steam pump is used to pump water, petroleum, and other fluids and to feed small boilers and drain bilges on ships. Steam pumps are usually built in horizontal pairs. As it moves back and forth, the rod of one machine controls a slide valve on the other. Both pairs of pistons move simultaneously but in opposite directions. When the piston of one of the pumps is at an extreme, the piston of the other is at midpoint; this allows the fluid to be pumped without interruption. Steam pumps composed of a steam turbine and a centrifugal pump are called turbopumps.


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1 Power and beauty: The Marshall 'inverted vertical' triple-expansion steam pump built by Lilleshall.
The Shand Mason Horse-drawn Steam Pump Fire Engine, from 1901, arrives at the | |Museum of Liverpool Picture: ANDREW TEEBAY 080115STEAMPUMP_05
The designer, William Andrews Nesfield, installed two powerful steam pumps to draw water from the ornamental lake at the front of the property and fill two reservoirs 130 feet higher, located a mile away.
It was while Watt was in Redruth, Cornwall (where many mines were interested in his steam pump because their galleries ran out under the sea, and flooding was particularly common) that he found himself overwhelmed with paperwork for a "multiplicity of orders.
By installing a customized, high-efficiency steam pump in its boiler plant, the hospital will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 1,276 tons of CO2, or the equivalent of 281 cars removed from daily use on Trenton's roads.
The water pressure was very low so the fountain was linked to a steam pump in nearby St George's Hall, but judges ordered it to be turned off as the pulsating water disrupted court proceedings.
The old steam pump, built in the late 1800s, and the two coal-fired furnaces that powered it remain in the old, slate-roofed building, although they are cold and silent.
A smaller steam pump should have come on to ease the problem, but this did not occur as the smaller pump 'oversped' and cut out, the inquest heard.
BILL Davies was charged with the task of bringing the world's oldest working steam pump fire engine back to life.
An 1875 Otis elevator, an 1876 locomotive and an 1877 steam pump are among the items headed to a museum that Bethlehem Steel Corp.
The Espresso Novo 2000 also features a microchip monitored steam pump for a constant flow of "dry" steam.
The first lifestyle center, Steam Pump Village, is slated to open in Oro Valley in Winter 2001.