Steam Accumulator

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steam accumulator

[′stēm ə′kyü·mə‚lād·ər]
(mechanical engineering)
A pressure vessel in which water is heated by steam during off-peak demand periods and regenerated as steam when needed.

Steam Accumulator


a steam boiler with an increased capacity for heat accumulation and emission that results primarily from its increased water volume and is important for industrial boilers, which operate mainly with varying steam consumption. Upon an increase in pressure or the water level in the boiler (or both), excess heat is developed; as the pressure decreases (and the water in the boiler becomes superheated), the excess heat may be used for additional evaporation of part of the water from the water volume.

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C[pounds sterling]The steam accumulator will work when the reefer is attached to the truck.
For example, CELPAC in Chile wanted to reduce capital cost by eliminating the need for a package boiler by installing a huge steam accumulator.
Fenland Foods are now more readily equipped to meet the delivery schedules their customers demand thanks to the design and installation of a new Steam Accumulator and two new Steam Boilers by Thermasave Engineering.
Tenders are invited for purchase of a wet steam accumulator, and boiler feed water pump, and receiver unit to be installed at the town.
Tenders are invited for Installation/interconnection of a new biomass pellet steam boiler, steam accumulator, boiler feed-water pump with the existing heating system.
Muscat: Larsen & Toubro Heavy Engineering (L&THE) completes yet another major landmark in the field of critical pressure vessel manufacturing in the Sultanate with the dispatch of six sets of steam accumulators (part of a larger order of 19 sets, 5000mt) each weighing 260mt and 106 thick low alloy steel.
With the shipping of six sets of Steam Accumulators (part of a major contract of 19 sets, 5000 MT ) each weighing 260 MT and 106 thick low alloy steel, Larsen & Toubro Heavy Engineering LLC (L&T HE) has reached yet another major milestone in the sphere of critical pressure vessel production in Oman.