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watercraft propelled by a steam engine or a steam turbine. Early Steam-powered Ships

Marquis Claude de Jouffroy d'Abbans is generally credited with the first experimentally successful application of steam power to navigation; in 1783 his Pyroscaphe
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The RH Carr was one of the last steam ships to be built in the Crichton yards in Flintshire but now languishes in Guyana, South America.
At 66 letters it's the longest word in the German language and refers to the key to the captain's cabin of a Danube steam ship.
In a unique application a steam ship condenser with failing tubes was repaired with coating in less than 10 days.
The steam ship was later converted into a tanker and wrecked off Marmara Island, Turkey in 1955.
Aged 12, he went to sea with the Cardiff-based Hain Steam Ship Company.
This view of the much-loved Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Turbine Steam Ship, Manxman, leaving Liverpool, an oil on canvas signed and dated 1983, is one of a selection of seascapes by the artist in a sale of northern art at Knutsford, Cheshire, auctioneers Frank Marshall on Wednesday.
The first established operator out of Llandudno was the Liverpool and North Wales Steam Ship Company set up in 1891.
This is because APL's predecessor company, Pacific Mail Steam Ship Company, was established in 1848 specifically to operate vessels between Latin America and the United States," he said.
A 1950s replica of the Comet - the first ever steam ship in Britain - is now being restored by the Maritime Museum.
This lavish attention to detail can be seen on this model of a Middlesbrough steam ship, reflecting the pride of workmanship at the shipyard.
In 1878 he acquired his first ship, a collier brig named Pearl for pounds 186 and in 1881 he purchased his first steam ship the Saxon Prince.
The Maori was built for the Union Steam Ship Company, of New Zealand Ltd, to run between Wellington in North Island to Lyttleton in South Island.