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(Nemanjić), dynasty that ruled Serbia from the first half of the 12th century until 1371.

The founder of the dynasty, Grand Župan of Rascia (Raska) Stefan Nemanja (ruled 1170–96), laid the basis for a unified feudal state in Serbia. His son, Grand Župan Stefan Prvovenčani (First-crowned), who ruled from 1196 to 1227, adopted the title of king in 1217. Stefan Prvovenčani was the father of three kings of Serbia: Stefan Radoslav (ruled 1227–34), Stefan Vladislav (ruled 1234–43), and Stefan Uros I (ruled 1243–76). The next two rulers of Serbia were both sons of Stefan Uros I: Stefan Dragutin (ruled 1276–82) and Stefan Uros II Milutin (ruled 1282 to 1321), who was succeeded by his son, Stefan Uros III Dečanski (ruled 1321–31).

Dečanski’s son, Stefan Uros IV Dusan (ruled 1331–55), created a vast Serbo-Greek kingdom on the Balkan Peninsula and proclaimed himself emperor of the Serbs and the Greeks. During the reign of Stefan Dušan’s son, Emperor Stefan Uros (ruled 1355–71), the Nemanja state collapsed, and the dynasty came to an end.

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The Stefan Nemanja barracks in Kosovska Mitrovica in the north of Kosovo.