Stefan Todorov Karadzha

Karadzha, Stefan Todorov


Born May 1840 or 1842 in the village of Ichme, Iambol Okrug, Bulgaria; died July 1868. Participant in the national liberation struggle of the Bulgarian people against the Ottoman yoke. The son of a peasant.

Karadzha emigrated to Serbia in 1861 and joined the First Bulgarian Legion there in 1862. After the legion was dissolved in September 1862, Karadzha continued the struggle against the Turks. In July 1868, a unit of 125 men led by Karadzha and Khadzhi Dimitr was defeated in battle against superior Turkish forces between the cities of Svishtov and Ruse at the mouth of the Yantra River. Karadzha was seriously wounded and taken prisoner. He was executed by the Turks in the city of Ruse.