Steller's Sea Lion

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Steller’s Sea Lion


(Eumetopias jubatus), also northern sea lion, an aquatic mammal of the family Otariidae. The males reach a length of 3.5 m and weigh about 800-900 kg; the females reach a length of 2.5 m and a weight of approximately 300 kg. The coloration is brown in winter and reddish yellow in summer.

Steller’s sea lion inhabits the coastal waters of the northern Pacific Ocean; in the USSR it is found from the Sea of Japan to the Bering Strait. The females, in harems of 15 to 20 individuals, reproduce in May and June, usually on the rocky shores of islands. The mammals shelter principally in the Sea of Okhotsk (on the islands of lama and Iona) and on the Kuril Islands. Stel-ler’s sea lions feed on fish and cephalopods. They are of minor commercial value. [23–1019–]

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Prey of Steller's sea lions, Eumetopias jubatus, in Washington state.