Stenodus Leucichthys

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Stenodus Leucichthys


a fish of the salmon family. The body length is up to 120 cm and the weight to 14 kg. Females reach sexual maturity in the sixth or seventh year of life; males, in the fifth or sixth year. The fish live in the Caspian Sea and enter into the Volga, Kama, and occasionally Ural rivers to spawn. They are a valuable commercial fish. The number of fish has decreased sharply as a result of the construction of a number of hydroelectric projects that create barriers to the entry of the fish into the river to propagate. The subspecies Stenodus leucicthys nelma is found in the basin of the Arctic Ocean.


Podlesnyi, A. V. Belorybitsa. Stenodus leucichthys Güld: Bioekologicheskii ocherk. Krasnoiarsk, 1947.


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Stenodus leucichthys leucichthys is the Caspian endemic subspecies and mainly occurs along the western and eastern coasts of the middle Caspian Sea at depths of 60-65 m (Berg 1948).
Its closest relative, Stenodus leucichthys nelma, penetrates into the Caspian Sea from the Arctic Ocean basin through the Post-Glacial ponded lakes which are situated between the basins of the Volga and the Kama, on the one hand, and of the Baltic Sea and the Arctic Ocean, on the other (Berg 1948).
The sex ratio of brooders in the natural spawning grounds is almost 1:1 as for the subspecies Stenodus leucichthys nelma (Brown 2000).
leucichthys is limited and most studies on the species has been carried out on North American and Eurasian populations of Stenodus leucichthys nelma (Scott & Crossman 1973; Alt 1977; Morrow 1980; Brown 2000; Howland et al.
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Stenodus leucichthys, arctic lamprey, Lampetra camtschatica, arctic grayling, Thymallus arcticus
inconnu, Stenodus leucichthys, lamproie arctique, Lampetra camtschatica, ombre arctique, Thymallus arcticus
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