Stepan Aleksandrovich Khrulev

Khrulev, Stepan Aleksandrovich


Born 1807 in Tula Province; died May 22 (June 3), 1870; buried in Sevastopol’. Hero of the defense of Sevastopol’ of 1854–55; lieutenant general (1853).

Khrulev graduated from the Second St. Petersburg Cadet Corps in 1825. He entered the army in 1826 and transferred to the artillery in 1835. Khrulev took part in the suppression of the Polish Uprising of 1830–31 and the Hungarian Revolution of 1848–49. In the campaign of 1853 against the Kokand Khanate, he was head of the artillery and of engineering work during the siege of the fortress at Ak-Mechet (now Kzyl-Orda). Khrulev joined the Danube Army early in 1854, and beginning in December 1854 he took part in the defense of Sevastopol’. In May 1855 he successfully commanded a sector of the defense, and in June of that year he led the defense of the Korabel’naia Side (Ship Side), including the Malakhov Kurgan. Khrulev was a corps commander in 1861 and 1862.